B.A. (Social Science) Entrance UET BHU Practice Set/Model Paper-3

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B.A. (Social Science) Entrance UET BHU Practice Set/Model Paper-3 : Generally in Social Science entrance exam most of questions are asking from the subjects including Political Science, History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, General aptitude and current affairs.

In the behalf of B.A. (Social Science) Entrance Exam, here we are start providing practice sets with answer keys. So we hope you will be get better preparation for your next exam. In this set i am providing geography 50 questions to test your self. All the best.


1:-Parent material of soils is

  1. Rocks
  2. Climate
  3. Vegetation
  4. Animals

2:- Propounder of Stop and Go Determinism was

  1. Humboldt
  2. Griffin Taylor
  3. Blache
  4. Strabo

3:- Term Ecology was first used by

  1. Huntington
  2. Brunhis
  3. Ernst Haeckel
  4. Holmes

4:- Friedrich Ratzel is known as father of

  1. Political Geography
  2. Urban Geography
  3. Human Geography
  4. None of the above

5:- India contributes share in world population

  1. 16.5%
  2. 17.5%
  3. 15.2%
  4. 18.3%

6:- Term out-migration is used for

  1. From Europe to USA
  2. From UK to Africa
  3. From Australia to India
  4. From one place to another place in the same country

7:- Bushmen are found in

  1. Malaysia
  2. Kalahari in S.Africa
  3. Pamir Plateau
  4. Tundra

8:- A village settled around a lake, comes under which pattern?

  1. Radial pattern
  2. Circular pattern
  3. Checkerboard pattern
  4. Amorphous pattern

9:- Shifting cultivation is practiced in

  1. Coastal area
  2. Forest area
  3. River valleys
  4. Deserts

10 :- Igloo is related to

  1. Bushmen
  2. Sakai
  3. Eskimos
  4. Kirghis

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