Travel & Tourism Management- TTM notes

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TTM :- Travel & Tourism Management notes: here you can read notes on the following topics under TTM :- Travel & Tourism Management notes.

  • Tourism Phenomenon: Tourism Phenomenon , What is Tourism? Concepts :- Defining Tourism, Tourism Products and Services,Tours, Tourists, The Tourist Destination, Tourism: Forms and Types, Future Trend. The Changing Trend, Purpose of Tourism: Sun. Sea, Sand and Sex, Business and Incentive Travel, Special Interest, Alternative Tourism, Other Determinants , Psychological, Socio-Political, Economic, Time.
  • Historical Evolution and development: The Need for History of Tourism , Sources of Data:- Statistical Reads, Secondary Sources, Periodisation and Concepts, Ancient Period, Early Empires:- Egyptian Civilization and Phoenecians, The Persian Empire, Greeks, The Romans, India. Silk Route, Pilgrimage, Grand Tour ,Transition to Modern Tourism, Modem Tourism in India. Silk Route, Pilgrimage, Grand Tour, Transition to Modern Tourism, Modem Tourism in India

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