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Ravi kumar asked 6 months ago

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Sir, i am student of dav pg college. But i want to use the central library. What is the process to use the library.
Is other student id card allowed. Legal or illiegal?

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Pandey Vikash Gautam Staff answered 6 months ago

first i want to say that Pass book of a friend or others id card is totally illegal. So generally some times in emergency it’s ok but its not means that its legal, it is all on your risk.
I think around 2012 or 2013, there is a rule come for DAV students to visit the library only for read but they can’t issue any book. you should contact to DAV library or office or you may also visit the Central library to confirm it. because rules can be changed any time so at currently what is the process for it, i don’t know. if you got the process share with us too. All the Best.