CHS Class 9 Practice Set, Sample Papers Model Question Papers Guess Papers 2/50

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CHS Class 9 Practice Set, Sample Papers Model Question Papers Guess Papers 2/50 : You all are demanding for CHS Practice Sets, CHS Sample Papers and CHS Model Question Papers from many days on my Whatsapp.

here I am publishing  2/50 Practice sets for CHS Class 9th Entrance. as you know the question pattern for it or you can know it from above link. It contains 100 question from HINDI, English, Mathematics, Social Science and GS. Each Practice sets contains 100 MCQs Separately  for each subject of SET Syllabus 9th 🙂

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CHS 9th Practice set 2/50

  • Fill in the blanks with the proper tense :-
  1. Raj and his family ——————— here since May 1980 .
    a) is living    b) have been living    c) are living    d) has been living
  2. Our examination ———————– on 4th March .
    a) has begun  b) is beginning  c) begins  d) began
  3. After he —————- the roof ————-
    a) left ,collapsed b) has left , collapsed c) left , had collapsed
    d) had left, collapsed
  4. They ————- when the thief entered the bedroom .
    a) sleep b) were sleeping c) slept d) are sleeping
  5. I —————- the painting just now .
    a) finished b) had finished c) finish d) have finished
  6. Look there , the man —————— the child .
    a) is beating b) beats c) beat d) has beaten
  7. When I visited him in Mumbai , he ——————— there for
    five years .
    a) teaches b) is teching c) had been teaching d) has been teaching
  8. He ————- to my house to tell me what —————- .
    a) came , happened b) comes ,happens c) came , had happened
    d) had come , happened
  9. Have you ———————— my instructions ?
    a) carry out b) carried out c) carrying out d) had carried out
  10. Delhi ————- on the Yamuna .
    a) stood b) is standing c) stands d) has stood
  11. I told him that I ——————– hard for the last four hours.
    a) worked b) was working c) am working d) had been working
  12.  A moment ago I —————— strange news .
    a) have heard b) heard c) hear d) am hearing
  13.  Bali ——————– this book since January last .
    a) is reading b) reads c) has been reading d) read
  14. They ——————— to London next year .
    a) went b) go c) had gone d) are going
  15. We ——————– each other for the past ten years .
    a) know b) are knowing c) have known d) had known
  16. I shall go there after I ————– my lessons .
    a) did b) do c) am doing d ) have done
  17. The bus —————- round the corner .
    a) came b) comes c) is coming d) had come
  18. I ——————— this exercise by ten o‟ clock .
    a) shall have finished b) have finished c) finish d) finished
  19. I —————— not ——————- the letter yet .
    a) am, written b) was , written c) have , written d) had , written
  20. I ———————— a letter to her yesterday .
    a) had sent b) have sent c) was senting d) sent
  21. Dalhousie implemented the Doctrine of?(a) Annexation           (b) Deviation       (c) Aggression   (d) Lapse
  22. Maratha kingdoms were located mainly in the……………. part of India.(a) South-West       (b) North-east     (c) South-east        (d) North-west
  23. Who introduced Doctrine of Lapse?(a) Lord Cornwallis (b) Lord Dalhousie (c) Lord Ellen borough (d) Lord hasting
  24. Who led the East India Army in battle of Plassey?(a) William Bentinck   (b) Robert Clive (c) Charles Napier  (d) None of these
  25. When was Battle of Plassey fought?(a) 1758            (b) 1759            (c) 1757          (d) 1756
  26. Which statesmen under Maratha alliance?(a) Mahadji Sindhia  (b) Nana Phadnis  (c) a and b both  (d) None of these
  27. Where is Fort William located?(a) Kolkota          (b) Bombay      (c) Madras       (d) Awadh province
  28. Where is Fort St. George located?(a) Chennai     (b) Srirangapattam    (c) Mysore       (d) Calcutta
  29. In the context of France, what was ‘tithes’?(a) A tax levied by the Church           (b) Direct tax levied by the State(c) The tax levied on the articles of everyday consumption(d) None of these
  30. One of the greatest music composer of his times. Born in Germany. At the age of 28, he was hard of hearing and was completely deaf in last few years of his life. Never heard his own fifth symphony. Who was he?(a) John Sebastin Bach             (b) Ludwig Van Beethoven(c) Michael Angelo                   (d) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  31. A Scottish doctor who took writing as profession at the age of 32. Penned the most famous detective ‘Sherlock Holmes(a) Agatha Christie (b) Arthur Conan Doyle (c) Stephan King   (d) Carolyn Keen
  32. She was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Who was she?(a) Wiggins    (b) Ever Lee Hairston     (c) Helen Keller   (d) Agatha Christie
  33. The most famous comedian of silent film era. Famous with his moustache, bowler hat, baggy trousers with cane.(a) Charlie Chaplin    (b) Charlie Sheen   (c) Adam Sandler   (d) Lucille Ball
  34. First in the world to dissect human body. Painted the world famous ‘Mona Lisa’. A genius!(a) Michaelangelo   (b) Leonardo Da Vinci   (c) Pablo Picasso   (d) Donatello
  35. First English writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. In 1894, he wrote ‘Jungle Book'(a) Rabindranath Tagore   (b) T S Eliot   (c) George Owell   (d) Rudyard Kipling
  36. World class comedian pair famous for their double act.(a) Armstrong and Miller                    (b) Freaks and Geeks(c) Laurel and Hardy                            (d) Robin Williams
  37. A great sculptor and painter. Designed the magnificent dome of St. Peter Church in Rome, Italy(a) Leonardo Da Vinci   (b) Michelangelo   (c) Titian   (d) Leonardo Da Vinci
  38. One of the greatest playwright. Also known as the ‘Bard of Avon'(a) George Bernard Shaw   (b) Samuel Beckett   (c) Neil Simon  (d) Shakespeare
  39. Creator of Dynamite and founded the most prestigious award for scientists, economists and humanists(a) Isaac Newton  (b) Galileo Galilei  (c) Alfred Nobel  (d) Charles Darwin
  40. Chankya was the chief adviser of which ruler?(a) Ashoka   (b) Harshvardhan    (c) Chandragupta Maurya    (d) Kanishka

Answer Key

1. [b]     2. [c]    3.[d]    4.[b]   5.[d]   6.[a]   7.[c]   8.[c]   9.[b]   10. [c]  11. [d]  12. [b]  13. [c]  14. [d]  15. [c]  16. [d]  17. [c]  18. [a]  19. [c]  20. [d] more answers will be available soon


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